Volunteer Opportunities with Hudson Valley Seed

Join Hudson Valley Seed's Volunteer Team

As a new and growing organization, Hudson Valley Seed has volunteer opportunities to fit every skill set. By lending your time and your hands, you can make garden education a reality for public school students across the Hudson Valley. Our opportunities range from volunteering for taste tests in school cafeterias to help students vote, to designing posters about vegetables, to expanding our community support network through database entry, to photographing students during garden time. Check below for our open volunteer opportunities, and if you have a skill set you would like to share that is not listed, email nicole@hudsonvalleyseed.org and we will work to create an opportunity that uses your specific talent.

We need your volunteer support for the following projects right now:


Working in the gardens: Gardens that are complete and well maintained help classes run more smoothly. Since the gardens serve as outdoor classrooms, we strive to have orderly and dynamic learning environments for students. With our educators reaching as many students as possible, there is not time in the week to work on some of the garden projects we would like to achieve. This includes weeding, painting garden signs, planting, harvesting and more. Gardening is a community effort! Come to open garden time and help us to maintain our bountiful gardens. Daily tasks may include weeding, planting, and harvesting. You may get to take home fresh veggies!                                                             

Watering: We rely on support from volunteers to care for the gardens. Please sign up to water on a specific day(s). Time commitment: watering takes about 20 minutes.

The following schools need watering volunteers:

Garrison  https://www.volunteersignup.org/CJQAR

South Ave https://www.volunteersignup.org/CB8WC

JV Forrestal https://www.volunteersignup.org/FMF97

Glenham https://www.volunteersignup.org/MM893

Sargent  https://www.volunteersignup.org/MCTHK

You can also volunteer in the gardens on any day of the week during open garden time!

Every week you can visit eight different gardens in Beacon, Newburgh and Garrison during open garden time! Hudson Valley Seed staff and volunteers host open garden time each weekday morning and all are ages are welcome to join in planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, reading, and crafting. Each day from 9:30-11:00am there are gardening tasks and kids’ activities offered in one of the school gardens managed by Hudson Valley Seed. Participants will read books, harvest produce, and take home fresh-picked veggies and herbs! 

Open garden times and locations are as follows:

Mondays 9:30-11am at Glenham Elementary School, 20 Chase Drive, Fishkill

Tuesdays 9:30-11am at J.V. Forrestal Elementary School, 125 Liberty Street, Beacon

Wednesdays 9:30-11am at The Garrison Union Free School, 1100 NY-9D, Garrison

Thursdays 9:30-11am at South Avenue Elementary School, 60 South Avenue, Beacon

Fridays 9:30-11am at Sargent Elementary School, 29 Education Drive, Beacon

Making lesson materials: We work with almost 3,000 students. For some of our lessons we have to create a lot of materials. If you have artistic skills we would love your help with making fun teaching tools, such as vegetable posters. Time commitment: 3 hours, in our office, any weekday. Contact nicole@hudsonvalleyseed.org if you are interested.

Assisting with community events: We participate in established community events, providing educational activities for children, and we host events of our own. We are looking for folks interested in helping to run table activities at large community events and to assist us with organizing events. The next event is the Sloop Club Corn Festival at RiverFront Park in Beacon on Sunday, August 9. Time commitment: 3-5 hours. Contact nicole@hudsonvalleyseed.org if you are interested.

Database entry: We have a large volume of information that we could use help entering into databases. Time commitment: 3 hours, in our office, any weekday.