Directed, shot, and edited by Caitlin Strom; Camera operations by Oliver Lanzenberg and Rebecca Arndt; Sound recording by Nick Poholchuck; Post production sound mix by Jonathan Bickoff; Music by Podington Bear; Voice over by Yahli Felixbrodt.

Hudson Valley Seed brings academics and wellness together, providing a model for integrating nutrition education into the weekly schedule of a public school classroom. As students learn math, science, english language arts and more in the garden, they reinforce their classroom studies. Academic achievement is at the forefront of the Hudson Valley Seed model. Not only do students excel when they can learn information experientially, but to be their best selves students and their families must have the tools to make nutrition a daily priority. Hudson Valley Seed facilitates both and makes experiential learning and wellness accessible to students of all backgrounds.

Hudson Valley Seed gardens are unique because they produce food year-round and are fully integrated into New York State’s common core curriculum. By integrating nutrition education with the academic classroom, young people and their families can be empowered to make healthy eating choices both in school and at home.

Hudson Valley Seed works in classrooms and communities to educate the next generation of environmental stewards. Through experiential learning, students engage with the earth, planting seeds and harvesting produce as they learn about our communities, environment and health. In the classroom and in the garden, Hudson Valley Seed works with schools and communities to develop integrated and holistic curriculum that values the natural world as the ultimate classroom.